Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Best way to straighten curly hair?

I have naturally curly hair. It is dyed so I really can't permantly straighten it. I blowdry it straight and flat iron it with my chi flat iron every sunday and thursday. I do use heat protection and straighten balm but it takes atleast 3 hours to make it straight. What are some ways to reduce the time? And what do think of the maxiglide flat iron? Do you have any tips to keep it straight?Best way to straighten curly hair?
if you have already tried a straightener and permantly straightening it then i do not know what else to tell you i am very sorryBest way to straighten curly hair?
Get a CHI straightner.
My hair is very thick and curly, and like you I prefer it straight. I used to dye my hair, so I know what it`s like.

1. Go to a saloon and get some good straightening products for your hair type, make sure they are safe to use with straightening irons.

2. Get a good straightening iron. I use Corioliss, it might be expencive, but I would definetly say it`s worth it. It`s never been faster to straighten my hair, and it`s never been straighter. It`s easy to use, and you can change the temperature.

3. After you wash your hair put in some straightening hair products.

4. Before you use the straightening iron put in some more hair products, but make sure your hair is totally dry again before you start straightening it.

5. After you have straightened your hair, you can use some hair spray, but make sure it is a dry hairspray. Don`t use any ';wet'; products since these will make your hair wet and that will make the curls come out again.

How to keep the hair straight... Stay out of the rain, and keep your hair dry...

With the products and straightening iron I use now, it takes me about 15-20minutes to straighten my hair.

Good Luck :-)
Wash it then use straightening serum and the blow- dry it that normally works
Try using a ceramic flat iron. They work better than the regular metal ones. I suggest the conair wet/dry one. It gets REALLY hot in 30 seconds and works like a charm! The results last a while before you have to do it again and even when it is time to do it again, it only takes a short amount of time because the straightener gets so hot and works so well. Its great.

good luck! lol
hair straighteners will do that job for you. They always work!
to help your hair use a damaging spray before straightening your hair

you can use a flat iron and straighten it until its visibly un-curly

to keep it straight make sure it is absolutely dry and there is less humidity when u put ur hair up :)
omgoodness i used to have the same issue because my hair is naturally curly but i hate it! anyways wut i do is i have a curling iron i know it sounds stupid but get a hot tools curling iron i can straighten my naturally curly long hair in about 20 minutes because it gets so hot... as for shampoo i use herbal essences new pin straight hair shampoo it doesn't make it completely straight but it defitetly helps...of also try herbal essences dangerously straight hair spray thingyy it helps keep your hair smooth and straight hope i helped =)

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